Happy Tuloversary!

Since today is our Tuloversary I thought it would be nice to go back and share my top 10 Tulo GIFsets. Enjoy!

#10 - Ballerina Tulo 

I’ve said plenty of times that I could watch Tulo throw all day. His throws are just beautiful pieces of art that we’re fortunate enough to be able to witness.

#9 – The Face of Hope 

There’s something so un-Tulo about this GIFset. He’s been characterized as this stoic figure who just sits there as his team walk-off the Padres. But this set has so many different emotions. First it was determination to get a hit, then hope that the ball would stay fair, and then the disappointment intertwined with amusement of all the event that just occurred. But I think what I love from all of this was Tulo angry-smile still made cameo. Never change Tulo.

#8 – Everything Will Be Okay 

This is why you need Tulo in your team. He’s always there to fix your mistake and then tell you right away it’s okay.

#7 – Papa Blue Bird 

Just in case the #8 GIFset was not amazing enough here’s Tulo taking Devon Travis under sings and sharing some of his secrets. And of course he had to have his other half just in his shadows.

#6 – Tulo Smile!!! 

 This is probably not the best Tulo smile I’ve ever GIFed but it’s the first so it holds a special place in my heart.

#5 – A Great Returns 

I’m so happy Tulo was given this experience. It is obvious how well loved and well acknowledge Tulo’s is still in Colorado. And no matter how much Tulo wanted to make his return low key Rockies fans were not having any of it. With that you can clearly tell that he was really moved by their standing ovation and was holding back the emotions.

#4 – Confused Tulo 

God, I love this GIF so much. Without given any context of the situation you kind wonder what error Tulo just committed. But of course this was his reaction after hitting a base clearing double.

#3 – Two for Tulo 

I am so glad that someone from Sportsnet was able to capture this amazing moment. Again, this GIF goes against the narrative of Tulo but I really did take these little moments as a sign that Tulo was now super comfortable being a Blue Jays (yes, I may be over reading the moment).

#2 – All Smiles 

Troy Tulowitzki is a handsome man. This GIF is but one of many facts to support that.

#1 – Tulo and his Baby Blue Bird 

How can this not be my best Tulo GIF. How adorable is that kiss. And look at Taz not want to be carried away. Plus, let’s be honest, the ”Tulo” in “Tuloversary” is not just for Troy but for his whole family as well. As it was reported a large part of making Toronto feel more like home was Taz,
“(Taz) was at that age where he didn’t know or have a relationship with too many guys on the Rockies,” Tulowitzki said. “Now, when he thinks about baseball, he’s saying J.D. (Josh Donaldson) or (Jose) Bautista. That made it easy. As soon as I heard those, as soon as those names came out of his mouth, I said ‘Okay, this transition is a lot easier for him than it is for me.’ That made me happy.” (source)

07/27/2016: SD @ TOR

We lost. I was there. That's the only summary you guys needed.


07/24/2016: SEA @ TOR

I was at today's game and boy was it fun.

It started with a mini Twitter meet up with some awesome folks that helped kill some time for us who came to the park super early to get a Kevin Pillar bobblehead.

It's probably the most fun I've had before a ball game and it super nice to meet all of you. If you are not following these lovely people please do:
@JaysGirlEmily@lesley_mak@mcconnellem@melissasfeed, and @Alleycat17.

The game itself was an amazingly pitched game. After a shaky start from Happ he would go on for 6 innings 1 hit 0 runs, walked 4, and strikeout 6. Cecil, Grilli, and Osuna would all follow with 3 shutout innings that helped the bats 4 hit, 2 run game hold up to get the W.

And here are my GIFs from today's game:







07/23/2016: SEA @ TOR

So I couldn't watch the game live so I thought I would gift you with what my reactions while watching today's game.

How adorable are you Josh!

Hey Thole with another RBI!

Uhhh… Dickey can we not hit every Mariner.

(Grand slam) Well F U Cruz!

I'm glad Lind has missed the memo that he's so supposed to mash against us.

That ump is a giant!

(Josh HPB) LOL Josh! You need to pretend a little better.

OMG! The birth of the EdWing! Love that they showed it to us! But does that mean the EdWing was cause by being left hanging for  a high five.

(O'Mally safe at first, bases loaded) Ughhhhhhhhh this game....

(Line drive off Tulo) Ughhhhhh this game is not fun. 

Hey Moreales! Remember him.

Morales made 2 appearance? I have no memory of the second one.

Yeah Dickey, that's what we're all feeling right now.

Bless you BJ DP!

O'Mally I'm done with you.

I'm a terrible person because I'm happy that Chavez ERA has skyrocketed after today's outing. He's ERA has been to low for all the damage he has done.

(And at this point I checked the final score and gave up. So here's the rest of the GIF for the game.)


07/22/2016: SEA @ TOR

Not gonna lie, I didn't watch the full game. Blue Jays lost + Late shift = Daryl not feeling it. It's nice to see Estrada to pitch into the 6th and only give up 2 runs. It totally sucks that he got the L because of that second run. Why bats, why!

I did watch the B9th and damn so close. But that call was just terrible. I know I'm new to baseball but I'm pretty sure this isn't a strike.

Anyways here are the GIFs I made.


What Josh probably said


07/20/2016: TOR @ ARI

Now this is the type of game you expect when you're playing a last place team. The offence was on fire that began with a HR in the pool by Donaldson and capped off with a monster shot by Encarnacion. But sprinkled throughout were some really great timely hit and pretty good base running. Even Stro had a hand in it by getting on base twice and scoring a run.

Stro pitching was pretty great as well. His final line read 8 innings pitch, 1 R/ER, 0 walks, 6 strikeouts. And with that Stro's ERA has dipped under 5 to 4.90. Hopefully this means that we can chalk up he's last start due to the All-Star break and an outlier to the positive trajectory he seemed to be trending in his last couple start.

Wins are always fun to GIF so here you go:


And here's a pretty funny clip I found in the D-Back broadcast. Their announcers description of Marcus was so spot on.

07/19/2016: TOR @ ARI

Well this was the Sanchez Show wasn't it? Sanchez pitched 7 inning, gave up 1 R/ER, no walks, and struck out 5. His final line almost made me forget that for most of the night Sanchez had a base runner on and had to wiggle himself out of the mess. But I guess the most important thing is that he got out of it.

The bats did their job and hit the magical number 5 runs with the help of Encarnacion's 3 run HR and D-Backs' pitcher error. Twice last night did a D-Back pitcher threw widely to first that allowed the base runner, who did't seem to be running, to get to third and score. So thank I guess.

In other Jays news Estrada will be making his start on Friday (yay!) and Bautista is schedule to be back with the on Monday (double yay!).

Anyways so here's my GIFs for the game: